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This is the ending of “Book 1″ of “Volume 1.” When I originally started the comic, I had planned 16 pages of story each “issue” with each issue being a monthly release. Now that comics generally don’t have ads, 16 pages is a bit short for a printed comic. In making decisions about a print release, I decided to bundle two of the 16 page issues together for each release. And I also added some extra pages. So, Book 1 turns out to be 47 pages in the end (there are a few pages which are available in the free download version on DriveThruComics which are not posted on the website… and it’s still there for free!). So, a “book” is whatever I collect for e- or print release. And a volume is a coherent storyline. That way, if a reader wants to read a full story (but not everything I’ve ever done), they can pick a volume. This volume has three books. Though, to be entirely accurate, a chunk of volume three is a prologue to what happens in Volume 2.

This should work fine as an organizational system, at least until volume 3 (which is what I am currently plotting and drawing). Volume 3 takes the characters in a variety of seemingly unrelated directions. I am currently working on a part which has five separate story lines. The volume may encompass the resolution to some, but not all of these story lines.

Anyway, I have decided to not release more than one chapter per month for my own sanity. So, look for the beginning of Book 2 on New Years Day. And then a page a day for most of the month.

And Merry Christmas to all my readers out there (except whoever is spamming this page with shoe sale ads).

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