Page 17

Bear with me. There are two things I want to say about this page.

First, the first panel is the only panel of the first chapter that I’m completely satisfied with. I finally got some interesting expressions on the character’s faces.

Second, I really copped out on this scene. I had planned to do a big fight scene, with Dunk and Mel fighting off dozens of mooks. But instead I just did two panels of them running away. This happened for two reasons. The most significant was the processing power of my computer. Prior to working in 3D as a comic artist, I worked as a game designer. In fact, I did a comic from a game I designed, which can still be found HERE. In game design, you build the whole environment and then decide how you’re going to use it (in terms of cool screen shots). I started doing the comic in that same frame of mind. But every object or character you put into a 3D comic scene taxes your computer that much more. By the time we got to this place in the comic, it was taking a half day to save my file and I was getting frequent crashes. I couldn’t have more than three mooks in the file without the rendering engine completely crapping out. So, Dunk describes them because I don’t have the computing power to show them. The more significant second issue: when I wrote the script for the comic, I based my panel layout on a 6-8 panel page. And I put a lot of text in. It didn’t occur to me that, unlike a novel, I have a finite number of pages each chapter and a finite number of words on each page, and the need to have pictures as well as words for this to still count as a comic book. This version of chapter 1 is significantly expanded from my first run. Like, originally each chapter was limited to 15 pages. I found I had to eliminate virtually everything that didn’t actively move the plot along to get my story idea to fit into 15 pages.

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