Book 3, Page 45

Sorry for the delay. I had to go out of town for a few days. And my classes started. And a bunch of other excuses. Really, there’s only two pages left in Book 3, counting this one. I would like to say that I’ll be immediately following this with the beginning of volume 2. But Volume 2 is really not ready for prime time yet. I’ll promo the next volume a bit tomorrow when I post the last page. But for now, if you want to encourage me to keep writing, you can purchase the trilogy as a digital book at DriveThruComics. Currently the first book is free and the other two are ninety-nine cents. Am thinking that when I get Volume 2 out, Book 1 will cease to be free. Am wondering (feel free to comment your answer):

  • Would there be an interest in an “omnibus” edition with all three books in one file?
  • Would there be an interest in a print version?
  • Do you think folk would be more likely to purchase the book if it were listed as a digital book on a site like, instead of just DriveThruComics?