Book 3, Page 1

I had not intended to take so long to get this section posted. Book three has been available for purchase at Drive Thru Comics for several months now! Maybe you think I was trying for force readers of the web version to buy the comic in order to see how Volume 1 ends. You would think. What actually happened is that right after I got the PDF finalized for upload into the store, work on my MA really picked up. Prior to mid-May (when I turned in my last project), I only caught up enough on things to take two weekends off the whole year. The rest of the time, I was working straight through. 8-10 hour days, seven days a week. The process of uploading each individual page to this site is really tedious by comparison to uploading a whole comic to the store, so I just kept putting it off. And here we are, months after I intended to do it.

At any rate, for the next 40 or so days, check this site for DAILY updates. This will take you to the end of Volume 1. I still think it would be really cool if some of you who read it here would also purchase the PDF files. I’m raising money for my retirement. :-)