Volume 2 SOON (I promise!)

Never thought we’d see nearly a year between the release of the Melandra’s Galaxy trilogy and beginning a second volume of science fiction adventures. I had a lot of other projects in the cue.

Expect this site to come back to live within a few weeks. At least one two page will show up on the site each week. And long before the last chapter of the series shows up on this site, you’ll be able to pick up the whole thing at your favorite digital book seller.

I got more ambitious with the second volume. Where the first volume only had six characters who appeared in more than one scene, the second volume has maybe twenty. The first volume has three chapters. The second has four. Last year at this time, I saw the second story as an ambitious failure. Since then, I have completely reworked everything. Every image has been retouched. Whole scenes have been added. Characters have been better developed. The action is tighter, the dialog is better. I am now very excited to release it.