NaNoWriMo Book Cover

One week to go and still ten thousand words to write. I needed a break, so I drew a potential cover for my book. Since this book will eventually see release as a graphic novel, I need to know how to draw the characters anyway. I think it turned out pretty good. And, for those of you reading the my more famous comic, you can see how much my artwork has evolved even in the months since releasing Melandra’s Galaxy books 1-3.

In my mind, this is a classic pulp fantasy novel in the tradition of Conan, Kull, Tarzan, John Carter, Solomon Kane, Elric of Melnibone, etc. My character has a few unique ticks which I think set him apart from every other guy with long hair and a sword. The art was designed to evoke Larry Elmore and Frank Frazetta, two of my favorite fantasy artists. Trying to imagine this as the cover of one of those fantasy anthology magazines like “Weird Tales” that I used to pick up at the used book store when I was a kid.

Potential cover for my NaNoWriMo book