More real drawing

First, let me say that when it comes to graphic art, I care more about the end result than I do about the tools. Some people are really down on 3D artists… as if that isn’t really art. Come on! Like, does it not count as book design if you use InDesign instead of manually placing lead type? But anyway, while 3D has become a big part of my work flow and I don’t see that changing, I am more and more enjoying drawing things with a pen (or, more accurately, using a stylus on my iPad). One of the challenges of modeling comic panels in 3D is it is very difficult to create focus. Like, if you look at most 3D art, the artist has created the entire scene in there. While most comic art has a few aspects of a frame drawn in detail and the rest is kind of muted. Creating that muted effect is very difficult in 3D. So, I’ve been doing some where where the 3D is more like a story board than the actual art. And then I draw the images based on my screen renders.

This format is mostly going into an upcoming super hero book right now. Yes, I have too many projects going at once. I’m really excited about this super hero book and wanted to share with you all one of the panels. I’ll probably force more on you in the future.